Press Release 06/18/21

Spartan Invest Enters Tennessee Single-Family Turnkey Space

Birmingham-based REI provider Spartan Invest recently announced their entry into the Tennessee single-family home rental space. Spartan Invest provides investor clients with a hands-off approach to acquiring and managing single-family, residential rental properties. This expansion, made in conjunction with their in-house property management company, Alabama Rental Property, seeks to expand their full-service, turnkey model to new territories to better accommodate investors seeking portfolio diversification. 

The move is preceded by a rigorous analysis of the Tennessee market. In-house analysts at Spartan Invest have identified several bright spots within the state, like Chattanooga, that have significant appreciation and cash flow potential and make sense within the context of Spartan Invest’s single-family turnkey model. 

Chattanooga has several attractive qualities for single-family home investors. A diverse employment base, relatively affordable housing, and pro-business policies have led to multiple years of consistent growth within the real estate sector and the economy as a whole- with the region bouncing back from Covid-19 lows relatively quickly. 

For investors, the Chattanooga area remains a “diamond in the rough,” with significant upside potential, particularly due to increasing work-from-home trends that are driving residents out of high cost of living areas and into places like Chattanooga and many locales across the Southeast.

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