The Vision Behind the Spartan Summit

When did a conference or negotiation talk become a summit? Why is it that when heads of state and officials meet for discussions, it’s a summit, but the rest of us have meetings or events? 

Well, it’s got to do with the word summit meaning the topmost point attainable, like the peak of a mountain. Mount Everest, anyone? And it was actually the media that came up with this label, in 1955, for the Geneva Summit, when counterparts from the USA, Russia, and China met to discuss global governance.

While we won’t be discussing global governance anytime soon, at Spartan Invest, we’ve embraced the name with our (drumroll, please) upcoming Spartan Summit. 

At the moment, real estate networking events are super popular for investors, thanks to the thriving housing industry. Of course, these types of conferences are also a great place to network and discover new industry trends in investing in real estate. But with so many taking place, how do you choose? 

When deciding to add an REI turnkey investment seminar to your calendar this year, don’t only be swayed by the glamor and luxury offered in the bigger cities; instead, choose a summit that will provide you with a chance at seeing the product. A hands-on experience counts for so much more when deciding on investing in real estate properties. 

This is where The Spartan Summit comes in. In addition to an educational and jam-packed agenda, we will also offer a tour of the Birmingham and Huntsville areas as part of our ticket options. 

How is the Spartan Summit Unique?

If you are looking to grow your knowledge of the real estate industry and passive income, The Spartan Summit is the best place to do this. You will get the chance to gather with like-minded professionals and investors. Plus, you’ll get to meet and mingle with people from all different backgrounds and walks of life – each with goals of financial independence and dreams of providing for the next generation.

The Summit allows investors to experience an actual turnkey real estate market that is stable yet constantly evolving and diversifying. From the ever-changing tax environment to accessing capital for your next investment, you’ll hear from industry experts on wide-ranging topics and expand your knowledge of the passive income venture.  

And the best part? The Spartan Summit offers you the opportunity to see and experience this turnkey real estate market. That’s right. While other massive seminars are hosted in major metropolitan areas, they are not able to give you hands-on experience, while we can. By signing up for the Spartan Summit, you will get a real, tangible experience in a thriving turnkey real estate market and, of course, all the other amazing conference offerings like educational and inspiring sessions from the pros.

Another massive highlight? Our awe-inspiring keynote speaker, Daymond John. Daymond John is a self-made multimillionaire, businessman, investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker. In his “spare” time, he is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of fashion brand FUBU and also appears as an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.

Above all, the idea behind this kind of Summit is that you get to experience the rental market in person on top of attending educational workshops. And beyond just seeing actual properties, we want investors to experience Birmingham and Huntsville, AL. This way, you will see – up close and personal – that our markets and economies are thriving, making investing in rental properties a great investment opportunity.

Our ticket options

  • The Premium Ticket: This includes a tour of Huntsville during the morning. Tour will leave from Birmingham around 8am on February 16th. The ticket consists of a shuttle to Huntsville for a city/property tour, lunch, and shuttle back to Birmingham. You’ll then have access to all the sessions (including Daymond John’s keynote session) and festivities in person.
  • The Deluxe Ticket: This includes all the in-person sessions (including Daymond John’s keynote session) and Summit festivities, including a night out and a city/property tour in Birmingham.
  • The Virtual Ticket: This includes all the live-streamed sessions except for our keynote. If you wish to see Daymond John’s keynote session, be sure to purchase a Deluxe or Premium ticket.

The Spartan Invest Turn Key Real Estate Investing Summit will take place in February 2022 and focus on Spartan Invest’s markets of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, and Chattanooga. Registration is now open so be sure to book your tickets soon, as there is limited availability. To find out more about the Spartan Invest Turn Key Real Estate Investing Summit and investing in real estate, click here.

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